Tuesday, 3 April 2012


One of the difficulties with working for yourself , is finding that fine balance between, commissioned work (someone else's designs, and to pay the bills) and your own designs,( great for the creative soul, but takes time to develop)

But today, I spent the day trying out a design for a bag that is for my own specific needs and as a prototype to sell on the website.

Great fun and now I have the perfect bag!!

Pattern cut , now cutting out the grey pinstripe outer fabric and the diamond lining.

All done!
Dark burgundy pipping, button for front pocket closure, braid on the inner top edge, the straps are pinched from an old bag( I do like to recycle).
it looks a bit flat! lets fill it with stuff

A peek inside. I love this lining fabric

The green line is a zip on the inner pocket.

The question is..... can all this fit in?

Of course it will!!!
An A4 note book?

No problem!!!

And my laptop/notebook :)

A good days work, and now I have a new bag.

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  1. Fab! Love it. I must start doing my blog again soon!! Suzie (sroka) xx